Leaflets Printers
First new branding machine launching in coimbatore


Customized Design House
We planned this Infrastructure having in mind the creative mind who wants their idea to be reproduced in tangible form, leaving the mundane and cumbersome work for us. We shall take care of editing, designing and printing for your creative ideas.

CTP Plate Machine
ctp plate machine
CTP machine adopts 405nm laser diodes and internal drum design to ensure the biggest energy transfer and exposure precision. UV CTP (CTcP) is applicable for printing factories, newspaper printing centers, commercial printing areas, the suitable plates is CTcP plates and some brands conventional plates.We have 32UV/48UV/64UV CTP machine to suit for different working speed requirements.

CTP machine adopts 830nm laser diodes to keep high quality. The suitable material is thermal plates, which is suit for

high quality printing

industries and support millions of printing times.
We have 32T/48T/64T Thermal CTP machine for your choice.

Komori Enthrone - 29 Multi Color Offset Printing Machines
Embodies high print quality and leading-edge technologies in a press offering full basic functions. Employs an array of double-size impression and transfer cylinders to ensure consistent performance on short runs of a diverse work mix.Time required for changeover between light and heavy stocks is dramatically shortened because no transfer cylinder gripper pad adjustment is necessary.

This State of Art technology is being used for exceptional printing quality. The products are delivered quickly at Bhagya offset.

Single Color Printing Machine
single color printing machine
Single color press is very rewarding to see the final result gradually come alive, one color after the other. The quality and productivity of most four-color process printing is done on multi-colored presses in one pass. there is usually better ink trapping due to dry trapping and less dot gain from blanket and transfer cylinder doubling.
At the end Single colors printing Machine is a jack of all trades

Shoei Folding Machine
shoei folding machine
Each measurement is automatically taken in seconds to minimize set-up time. This given an extreme rise in folding productivity with no time loss, and quickly adapts Shoei folders for short-run jobs and for jobs with diversified operations, ensuring non-stop running, Shoei computerized auto-set device greatly contributes to the efficiency rise of Shoei folders, being multi-functional, high speed and labor saving.

Electro and Binding Machine
electro and binding machine
ELECTROMEC has the state of art production facility for manufacturing the Perfect Binders and allied equipment`s.